Samantha Harris

Date: May 11, 2016 Author: admin Category:  Comments: 0

Dave is amazing! Where to even begin? I have bought and sold several homes; but never before have I encountered such professionalism and personable service! I sincerely can't recommend anyone better.

Dave's educational background shines brilliantly through his outstanding and thorough reports that include pictures, diagrams, recommendations, and more. I have never seen anyone produce such quality work in the field of inspections, and put my best interests first. Dave took the time needed to do a quality job, despite some buyer's agents looking for speedy and surface-level inspectors. Dave also saved me from purchasing a severely damaged home; the bank hired professionals to try and conceal the damage but Dave was able to spot the issues immediately.

I now finally have a wonderful home and my mind has been put to rest knowing it passed Dave's inspections. If you're looking for an average inspector, then hire someone else. If you're looking for the best and for a wonderful price, call Dave! He has proven to be exceptional!